Suvi is a music composer and producer based in Bristol, UK, originally from Finland. On top of composing and producing music for short films, commercials and other AV projects, she is currently also working as a composer assistant for a couple of award winning film and TV composers.

Suvi has composed and produced music and creative sound design both solo and collaboratively in short films, feature length films and semi-interactive art installations in virtual reality.

Her career in music started as a classical flute player and she has since honed her skills in various genres as a vocalist, flautist, music producer and composer. Her 13 year classical music education in Finland gave her a solid base for composing music in a more traditional way, but after completing her Bachelors degree studies as a music producer at dBs Music Bristol, she could fully embrace the production and engineering side of music making.

Photo credit: Joe Auborn

In 2016, she was nominated for Underwire-film festival best composer award for the film Thy Name Is Woman. After that she has worked on another full length film and several short films.