Currently working as composer assistant on a few tv series on Netflix, Amazon Studios and Sky One

HP Wolf series-True Alpha-2018/Co-composer

In The Cloud-feature length film-2017/Assistant music producer

This Excited surface-Interactive sound installation by Jane Grant-2017/Sound designer and assistant producer 

Ambient Literature: The Cartographer’s Confession-Interactive app-2017/Assistant music producer as part of a team

Kang Hyo in performance 360-Making Futures-360 online video-2017/Sound implementer and


The Day That Broke-feature length film-2017/Composer

This is What Depression Feels Like-Short film about mental health-2017/Composer

Thy Name Is Woman-Feature length film-2016/Composer (Official nomination for best composer Underwire festival)

Appellation short film-Tray Matthewson-2016/Sound designer

Feature length film Thy Name Is Woman- Screenology-2016/ Composer

Seasonal trailer for Bath Egg theatre-2016/Composer

Bristol Energy/Woven films-Commercial for Bristol Energy-2016/Co-composer

Gerhard Richter art exhibition in Plymouth: Two pieces for two paintings-2015/Composer